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We offer a diverse range of tent styles so you can create a unique atmosphere that fits your event's theme, style, and vision. Each tent style offers you the opportunity to transform any outdoor space into a beautiful venue. 

When selecting a style of tent, keep in mind the following information:  Size - Consider the number of guests that will be under the tent at one time.  Location - Will obstacles at the tent location impede the size? The type of surface, such as grass or concrete, will set limits on the style of tent that can be used.  Theme - What look are you trying to achieve? Rustic, elegant, modern, farmhouse, bohemian, classic, industrial - each look can be supported by the aesthetics of the tent.  Budget - Different styles of tent will fit different budgets. Pole tents are usually a more budget friendly option.  Accessories - Are you looking to have tent draping, hanging florals, or elaborate light displays? Different styles of tent can support these options in unique ways.  Space - Does your event require clear lines of sight? Will the center poles of a pole tent take up too much valuable floor space? Do you want a massive dance floor that would be impeded by a center pole?

Our experienced staff will help you with each of these considerations and ensure you are getting the ideal tent for your event and budget. A phone call, email, or scheduled appointment is required when booking tents, so please don't hesitate to reach out early in the process to ensure availability and check pricing! Click below to learn about our simple booking process or scroll to see our tent styles. 

Not seeing the style of tent you're looking for? Call or email us. We have partners throughout the Midwest who work with us on virtually every style of tent including Clearspan Structures, Bandshells, Sailcloth, Clear Top Frames, and more. 

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