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Delivery & Pick Up 

Our delivery team is an experienced group of professionals who are knowledgeable about all of our equipment. Deliveries are scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks out, but we do our best to be flexible with short notice requests.

All deliveries and pick ups are door-to-door with drive up access. If setup is not included on the order, we will not setup any items or go beyond the building entrance. We will not go up or down stairs, up elevators, or through tight spaces unless we have been made aware of these restrictions during the quoting and approval process. Additional labor hours are billed for these services. If you decide that you need these services on the day of your event, please call our office.


Deliveries and pick ups can be expected during normal business hours Monday through Friday. If your event ends outside normal business hours, pickup will take place the following business day. If you require delivery or pick up outside normal business hours, additional fees may apply. 

All rentals must remain dry throughout the rental period. Wet or damaged items will result in additional charges and/or replacement fees at the customer's expense. Tables, chairs, and games returned dirty will result in additional cleaning charges.


Curbside pick up and drop-off are also available during normal business hours. You must be able to load and unload your own vehicle because we cannot guarantee we will have staff available on-site to assist. We are happy to help when available and if assistance is requested. 

We consider the following factors when calculating delivery and pickup charges:

  • Distance 

  • Order size (larger orders may require additional trucks and staff)

  • Whether delivery/pickup is inside or outside business hours, or under a strict timeframe

  • Drive up access

  • Delivery/pickup complexity including elevators, stairs, etc.

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