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Pole Tents

We source a majority of our pole tents from Anchor Industries, which sets the standard for quality in the tent manufacturing industry. You will not find a higher quality tenting product. 

Our large pole tents feature soaring peaks and dramatic sweeping curves that set a regal, awe-inspiring atmosphere sure to impress your guests. Tensioned vinyl fabric provides high ceilings with natural ventilation and ample space for lighting and decorations, allowing you to create a truly stunning event space. A pole tent is the perfect choice for those seeking a classic and timeless look with a lasting impression on all those who enter. 

Our small pole tents add an element of charm and intimacy to any outdoor event. They can provide a charming backdrop for any garden party, cocktail hour, or tailgating event. 

Pole tents are generally less expensive than frame tents, making them a more budget-friendly option for events.

Small pole tents (<30' wide) are approximately $0.70-$0.80/sq. ft. 

Large pole tents (40-60' wide) are approximately $0.86-$1.00/sq. ft. 

Unlike many other event rental companies, labor is included in our pricing. Delivery is not included and is calculated based on distance and number of vehicles


  1. Center poles - Pole tents require center poles to support the structure, which can obstruct sightlines and limit the use of interior space.

  2. Staking - Pole tents must be staked into the ground for support. We can temporarily drive stakes into concrete or asphalt, but not everyone is comfortable with this option. Guy-out stakes require an additional 6' of clearance on each side of the tent. 

We're happy to provide CAD drawings specific to your event. Seating recommendations are estimates and may vary based on your event's CAD drawing. 

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