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Frame Tents

We source our frame tents from Rainier Tent Industries, a well-known and respected brand that has been manufacturing tent products since 1896.

These tents have a metal frame and do not require center poles, making them ideal for events where clear lines of sight are necessary. They are versatile and can be installed on any surface, staked or weighted. If weather permits, these do not require guy-out straps (though we require them for long-term installations and anyone further than 40 minutes from our location for safety). 

Frame tents have greater flexibility for decorating and layouts compared to other tent styles making them ideal for those who want a lot of customization. This makes them popular choices for a wide range of events including festivals, trade shows, outdoor auctions, and weddings. 

Our frame tents come in 30', 40' and 50' wide sections that can be extended to virtually any length. Vinyl comes in either white, clear, or orange and blue. 

30 and 40' Wide Frame Tents are approximately $1.06-$1.25/sq. ft. 

50' Wide Frame Tents are approximately $1.35-$1.40/sq. ft. 

Clear tops are an additional cost. 

Unlike many other event rental companies, labor is included in our pricing. Delivery is not included and is calculated based on distance and number of vehicles


  1. Cost - Frame tents have a higher cost per sq. ft. than pole tents due their complexity and weight. 

  2. Aesthetics - Some people prefer the classic look of pole tents compared to the modern look of frame tents. 

We're happy to provide CAD drawings specific to your event. Seating recommendations are estimates and may vary based on your event's CAD drawing. 

Frame Tent Sizing and Seating.jpg
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