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Tent Booking Process

  1. Call us, email us, or fill out our contact form to tell us about your tented event. 

  2. If needed, we'll conduct a site visit to determine what size tent will fit in your event space, to check for any obstacles, and to ensure our delivery vehicles will not be obstructed. Site visit fee may apply. 

  3. We'll come up with a job estimate for you to consider. If appropriate, we may include a complimentary CAD floor plan specific to your event. 

  4. When you are ready to proceed, reserve your items with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due 15 days before your scheduled delivery. 

  5. You will need to determine if a tenting permit is required for your event space. Contact your local city agency to determine any requirements. 

  6. We will schedule a visit by JULIE to mark the site for utilities prior to the event. If you would prefer the space be flagged instead of spray painted to mark utilities, please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee - but will request - flags. 

  7. Make adjustments to your order as needed  up to 15 days before your event. 

  8. Celebrate! 

  9. Once your event is complete, let us know how we did while we ensure all final costs are in alignment and close out your contract. 

  10. Begin planning your next event with Herriott's! 

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