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High Peak Frame Tents

We have regularly sourced our high peak frame tents from Tentnology for over 20 years, and have never looked back due to their award-winning innovative designs and high-quality products. 

High peak frame tents feature a distinctive peaked roofline with an appearance similar to pole tents, but without the center pole to take up valuable floor space. The peak is created by a pole suspended on a cross cable system attached to a highly durable metal frame. They are incredibly versatile and can be installed on any surface, staked or weighted. 

They have a sleek and impressive look making them ideal for sporting events and competitions, parties, and small, intimate weddings. They come in various shapes and can be connected to make visually interesting spaces. If you want a unique space, ask us for ideas on how to use these! 

High Peak Frame Tents are approximately $0.97/sq. ft.

10x10 and Triangle High Peak Frame Tents are the exception priced at $245 and $210, respectively.

Unlike many other event rental companies, labor is included in our pricing. Delivery is not included and is calculated based on distance and number of vehicles


  1. Size - High peak frame tents come in limited sizes, but they can be connected in interesting ways to make beautiful designs and interesting spaces. 

HPF Tent Sizing and Seating.jpg
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