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Sidewalls are panels that attach to the sides of tents to provide insulation, additional protection from the elements (especially wind), control entry and exit points, and add visual interest to the tent.

We carry various styles of sidewall including solid, panoramic window, detailed window, cathedral window, and mesh. We also carry "door" sidewall in each style. "Doors" are opened by unzipping the sidewall down the center and tying back each side with attached straps. Alternatively, you can leave gaps between sections of sidewall to create entry points. 

Sidewall is priced per linear foot. Please call or inquire for pricing

There are several pros and cons to weigh when considering sidewall for your tent. 

  • Protection from the Elements: Sidewall will provide a barrier between your guests and the wind and rain outside. 

  • Privacy: A more intimate and private atmosphere is aided by the use of sidewall. 

  • Climate Control: During the colder months, sidewall will help retain heat, especially if paired with tent heaters. 

  • Crowd Control: You can determine the entry and exit points from your tent by using sidewall, which can help with the flow of your event. 

  • Visual Appeal: Sidewall can be that one additional detail that elevates your event and draws guests inside. 

  • Reduced Wind Rating: Sidewalls essentially act as a sail to catch the wind, which can cut the wind rating of a tent in half. You may have to pull down the sidewall from your tent if a storm blows through to keep your tent secure. 

  • Wind Flap: The open fields of Illinois don't provide much wind cover, so your sidewall is going to take it all. Sidewall flapping in the wind can be frustrating to deal with during an event. 

  • Lighting: If you enclose a tent with sidewall, it is going to be quite dark inside your tent. Adding sidewall to your tent may mean you're adding lighting, too. 

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