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Mother nature doesn't care how hot or cold your guests are, but we do. Adding fans or tent heaters to your tent helps to keep your guests comfortable no matter the weather.


In the warmer months of summer, we recommend adding an electric tent fan to your tenting order to circulate air and keep your tent cool and comfortable. Fans require a generator or outlet for power, and possibly extension cords.  

In the colder months, tent heaters are critical for keeping your tent comfortable and cozy. Tent heaters must be paired with sidewall to be effective, and larger tents will require multiple heaters. Our propane heaters are portable and efficient, and come in 80,000 and 170,000 BTU sizes, consuming approximately 5lbs of propane per hour. Heaters require a generator for power, or an outlet and heavy duty extension cords. 

Please let us know if you would like to include these options on your tent rental during your booking process. 

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