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Liners & Drapes

There are several reasons why you may want to consider splurging on liners and draping for your event, particularly for weddings. 

  1. Enhance the atmosphere: Liners and drapes soften a space with a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it look more luxurious and visually appealing. 

  2. Hide unsightly features: Hide metal poles, support beams, and heavy framing to create a more seamless and cohesive look. 

  3. Create a focal point: Liners and ceiling drapes will draw the eyes upward where you can really show off lighting, floral arrangements, chandeliers, or any other feature you may have floating in your tent. Side pole drapes will ensure that all your event pictures really pop. 

  4. Temperature control: Liners keep your space cooler in the summer heat, and they retain heat in cold weather by decreasing the volume of the space and slowing heat dissipation.

Let us know during your booking process if you would like to upgrade your tent space with any of these accessories and we'll quickly work up a no-obligation quote for you. 

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